DSHBDevelopmental Studies Hybridoma Bank
DSHBDressage Sport Horse Breeding
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It has recently been used and tested in mouse, chicken, turtle, and Xenopus, with comparable results [12, 18, 31, 33, 34, 39] (see also data sheet DSHB), and the staining pattern colocalized with the mRNA distribution [40].
number Dilution Source OCT4 Abcam ab18976 1/250 Rabbit NANOG Abcam ab21624 1/100 Rabbit SSEA4 Abcam ab16287 1/100 Mouse TRA-1-81 Abcam ab16289 1/100 Mouse TRA-1-60 Abcam ab16288 1/100 Mouse SOX1 Abcam ab87775 1/200 Rabbit PAX6 DSHB 3B5 1/50 Mouse OTX2 Abcam ab21990 1/500 Rabbit LHX2 Santa Cruz sc-81311 1/200 Mouse Biotechnology SIX3 Rockland 600-401-A26 1/500 Rabbit MCM2 Abcam ab4461 1/400 Rabbit CHX10 Millipore ab9016 1/200 Sheep FIBRONECTIN Abcam ab2413 1/200 Rabbit ZO-1 Thermo Fisher 33-9100 1/400 Mouse BRN3 Santa Cruz sc-6026 1/200 Goat Biotechnology AP2 DSHB 3B5a 1/35 Mouse PROX1 Abcam ab101851 1/2000 Rabbit PKC-[alpha] Abcam ab32376 1/2000 Rabbit CRALBP Abcam ab15051 1/500 Mouse Rhodopsin Abcam ab3267 1/200 Mouse S opsin Gift from Dr.
Engvall, respectively, were obtained from the DSHB developed under the auspices of the NICHD and maintained by the University of lowa, Department of Biology, lowa City, IA, USA.
The detection of selected proteins was then performed using the following specific primary antibodies: mouse monoclonal anti-TUJ1 (Sigma-Aldrich, T5076), mouse monoclonal anti-PAX6 (DSHB, University of Iowa, deposited by Kawakami A.), rabbit polyclonal anti-BLBP (Abcam, 27171), rabbit polyclonal anti-HIF1[alpha] (Genetex, 127309), mouse monoclonal anti-vinculin (Sigma-Aldrich, V9264), mouse monoclonal anti-[beta]-catenin (BD, 610153), rabbit polyclonal anti-phospho-[beta]-catenin (CS, number 9561), goat polyclonal anti-[beta]-actin (Santa Cruz), goat polyclonal anti-laminB (Santa Cruz), rabbit monoclonal anti-AKT (CS, number 4691), and mouse monoclonal anti-LewisX/Forse1 (DSHB, University of Iowa, deposited by Patterson P.H.).
The following primary antibodies were used: goat anti-SOX2 (1: 200, R&D Systems), mouse anti-PAX6 (1: 80, DSHB), rabbit anti-TBR2 (1: 1000, Chemicon), mouse anti-TUJ1 (1:1000, Millipore), rabbit anti-KI67 (1:600, Abcam), and mouse anti-S100[beta] (1:500, Sigma).