DSIFDirty South Improv Festival
DSIFDeep Space Instrumentation Facility
DSIFDiplôme Spécial en Ingénierie Financière (French: Special Diploma in Financial Engineering; Tunisia)
DSIFDynamic Stress Intensity Factor (mechanical engineering)
DSIFDefensive Systems Integration Facility
DSIFDistinguished Space Industry Fellows Program
DSIFDepartment of Shooting Itself in the Foot
DSIFDRB (Dichloro-1-ß-D-Ribofuranosylbenzimidazole) Sensitivity Inducing Factor (RNA)
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Aside from providing financial backing of a EUR 50,000 investment, DSIF will be closely involved in the future development.
This is being tackled now through the TSCP's document-sharing and identity federation (DSIF) initiatives.
DSIF is about having data ontology and a set of consolidated policies that allow for the flow of sensitive data from one network to the next with the minimum amount of local configuration and the maximum amount of security.
The research group has confirmed that P-TEFb, a kind of phosphorylated enzyme, can switch the activity of DSIF, a protein that regulates the transcription elongation of genes.