DSIMDistribution et Service Informatique et Multimédia (French: Distribution and Service Computing and Multimedia)
DSIMDansk Selskab for Intern Medicin (Danish: Danish Society of Internal Medicine)
DSIMDachverband Schweizer Interim Manager (German: Swiss Confederation Interim Manager)
DSIMDevice Application Program Safe Interface Manager
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However the control of DSIM is complicated because is is difficult to decouple the torque from the flux.
In [12-14], the authors present a sliding-mode control algorithm of a DSIM, the control ensures a good tracking performance, a fast dynamics and a short response time.
The remaining part of this paper is structured as follows: in Section II the mathematical model of the DSIM is presented.
By applying the Park transformation to the three-phase model of the DSIM (Fig.
Simulation of the DSIM Supplied by a Multilevel Inverter
Comparative Study of Various Characteristics of the DSIM Taking into Account the Different Electrical Offsets between the Two Stars (0[degrees], 30[degrees], 60[degrees])
Figures 11,12, and 13, respectively, represent the characteristic electromagnetic torque, rotational speed, and torque-speed characteristic of the DSIM supplied by a multilevel inverter (by 7 levels) for a = 0[degrees], 30[degrees], 60[degrees] (see Tables 2 and 3).
Kunal Choudhary, founder of DSIM, on its 6th foundation day on the occasion said, "The idea was germinated in Dec.
Over the past 5 years, DSIM has built reputation in digital marketing industry as a leader.
Most recently in the month of February 2016, DSIM has won "Amity corporate excellence award for best innovative practices in digital marketing education" for 2016.