DSISDouble Stimulus Impairment Scale
DSISDistributed Support Information Standard
DSISDevelopment Support Information Service (UNDP)
DSISDeep Seabed Intervention System
DSISDirectorate of Scientific Information Service (Canada)
DSISDirect Seller Information System
DSISDanish Security and Intelligence Service
DSISDMO Standard Inquiry System
DSISDSCS SCF Interface System
DSISDirecteur des Services d'Incendie et de Secours
DSISDraft Supplemental Impact Statement
DSISDual Sound in Syncs (used to distribute stereo audio)
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However, there was a significant relationship between DSI 147) = 3.974, p= .048], and horror preference.
Dynamic sensitivity index (DSI) as described by (5) is used in the design to assess the structural members in tower legs.
(ii) DSIS method: this is a type of cyclic method in the sense that the subject is at first presented with the original sequence and then with the same impaired sequence.
In the DSIS method the test sequences are presented in pairs: the first stimulus presented in each pair is always the source reference, while the second stimulus is the impairment video [82].
Provincial government will offer 60pc subsidy for DSIS to farmers having 15 acres or less land.
The former obtains an individual's standing through variables that are more objective, such as a person's education, occupation, and income level (e.g., Duncan's Socioeconomic Index, Hollingshead Four-Factor Index of Social Status), whereas the latter taps an individual's perceptions about his or her level of social status, such as perceived economic resources, perceived social power, and perceived social prestige (e.g., DSIS; M.
The court noted that the latter would warrant considerably more deference because providing power is explicitly within BPA's agency expertise and its sale of power to DSIs at the IP rate is expressly statutorily authorized.
Development of Dhat syndrome interview schedule (dsis) for Indian male population.
One of my duties in DSIS, was to arrange distribution lists for classified documents in subjects that I was responsible for.
What a group of pioneering amateurs did back then to revolutionize planetary imaging with webcams and free software, Meade is now doing for deep-sky imaging with its line of low-cost DSI cameras.
A field disease severity index (DSI) was calculated (Cober et al., 2003) such that for a given accession,
<<Fiche Relative a l'Appui du Projet Population et Lutte Contre le SIDA a la DSIS: de 1997 a 2001.>> 2001.