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DSLFDsl Forum
DSLFDansk Selskab for Logopaedi og Foniatri (Danish: Danish Society for Logopaedi and Foniatri; voice disorders)
DSLFDownwelling Surface Longwave Radiation Flux
DSLFDigital Subscriber Line Forum
DSLFDansk Svømme- og Livrednings- forbund (Danish)
DSLFDon't Stop Living Foundation (Florida)
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Drew (2002) reported in it DSL Forum technology publication that VoDSL leverages the copper infrastructure platform, by providing both quality voice services as well as support functions to a wide range of data quality applications over an existing line of a consumer's site.
The 5580 HNM is based on the TR-069 management interface as defined by the DSL Forum for multi-vendor management of home devices.
Focused on enhancing the remote management capabilities in regards to IPTV devices, the DSL Forum has announced the approval of its latest Technical Report, TR-135 Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled STB and the amendment of the industry recognized TR-069 -- which is set to expedite IPTV rollouts and change eCPCNet has announced that it will expand its footprint in the the way operators manage their IPTV offering.
The WinArrow2 solution incorporates production quality DSL datapath software, runs the same software suite as the current WinArrow solution and supports the features required by the DSL forum's TR-101 specification.
Worldwide DSL subscriptions surged past the 150 million mark in the twelve months to 31 March 2006, according to the latest data produced for the international DSL Forum by industry analyst Point Topic.
Part of the established TR-069/TR-064 "family" of provisioning and management specifications for customer premises equipment such as gateways and routers, the latest suite of DSL Forum TRs supports the rollout of multiple services and connected devices that span the access network or wide area network (WAN) into the local area networks (LAN).
Keynote speaker Jay Fausch, marketing committee chairman for the DSL Forum and senior director of strategic marketing for Alcatel's fixed communications group, started off the presentations with a realistic perspective of the state of rural ISPs today and developments that could be expected in the near future.
The solution from ServiceGateway has been designed to detect the CPE device using the DSL Forum's TR-069 specification, and configure the device for the service provider and service level ordered by the customer.
By country, China surpassed Japan to rank top, with the number of DSL subscribers surging fivefold to 10.95 million, the DSL Forum said.
In fact, Tom Starr, chairman of the DSL Forum, says of DSL development, "Contrary to popular belief, we haven't reached the end of the road in performance for DSL." Some near-term development, where products should be available over the next six to 12 months, includes ADSL2+ and "enhanced" SHDSL.
Asymmetrical DSL (ADSL) is a popular form of DSL that features greater download speed than upload, which is very applicable to the typical Internet surfers' needs, and a key focus of continuing work by the DSL Forum.