DSLEDigital Single Lens Electronic (cameras)
DSLEDesignated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers
DSLEDouble-Square-Loop Element (antenna element type)
DSLEDownlink-Specific Linear Equalization
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Mean age, gender wise DM distribution, age at onset of DM and DM duration did not differ significantly (p greater than 0.05) between DSLE and D groups.
Glucose and HbA1c concentrations in both groups namely; DSLE and D groups were parallel (p greater than 0.05).
The D group had higher averaged age and age at onset of DM than that of DSLE group.
SLE was more prevalent in males than females in DSLE group.
Figure 1 shows two adjacent screens (left and right screens) displaying two different multimedia materials from the teacher's PC and laptop to create a DSLE. With the aim of providing a bright and clear learning environment screens, the setting of projection system in a computer classroom comprises two projectors with 3000 lumens and two 90-inch projection.
Several worked examples of Windows Programming were designed to instruct in the SSLE and DSLE. From two teaching materials displayed on two side-by-side screens, learners can simultaneously see both views of instructional slides and the programming development environment.
Our previous study (Chen et al., 2008) indicated that learning achievement could be improved in a statistic course through teaching with the dual-slide mode of DSLE. Regarding the dual-slide mode in a DSLE (shown in Figure 3), the teacher simultaneously uses the left screen to display prepared instructional materials designed in instructional slides and writes additional instructional contents, for example, hand-written statistical formulas, on the blank slides displayed on the right screen to illustrate the steps involved in solving statistical questions and other explanation points that the teacher wants to show learners.
The nineteen participants (five females and fourteen males) assigned to the Dual-Screen (DS) group were assigned to learn in the DSLE. Their ages ranged from twenty to twenty-two years.
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