DSLSDepartment of Second Language Studies (various schools)
DSLSDigital Signage & LED (Light Emitting Diode) Show (trade show)
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Although this change does not critically increase theoretical worst-case time complexities of other phases, it usually results in slower practical performance due to the increased number of DSL splits and initial positioning operations in much more DSLs during the inter-strip search.
In each strip, two orthogonal DSLs are constructed, the horizontal one sorted by the x-coordinate, and the vertical one sorted by the y-coordinate.
Construction of the Voronoi diagram on [THETA]([square root]n) points and utilization of two perpendicular DSLs in each Voronoi cell could have a potential, but one should first prove that such dynamic partition is generally possible, and then provide an efficient region splitting algorithm.
The alliance between DSL and Cicada offers a range of outsourced solutions to address these and allied problems confronting the financial services industry today.
DSL Software, an ISO 9001/2000 and CMM Level 5 certified company, is a 2,000+ strong unit focused on Investment Banking Technology and Operations.
DSL Software clients include the world's leading Investment Banking organizations.
Little Rock was 'also the center of Southwestern Bell Corp.'s Project Pronto, the rollout to put DSL within reach of homes and businesses in central Arkansas.
offered the first DSL service in Arkansas -- ADSL, or asymmetrical digital subscriber line, was rolled out in Harrison on July 26, 1999.
Since then, other DSL providers have moved in, either reselling Southwestern Bell DSL lines or connecting into the telephone company's DSL hubs -- or central offices (COs) -- and building out their own networks.
BellSouth says it added 215,000 DSL customers during 2000 in the nine states it serves exceeding its expectations by 7.5%.
In January, SBC reported the best quarter for DSL growth in its history, adding 251,000 customers for a total of 767,000.
In contrast, the DSL startups are going through a difficult period.