DSM-CCDigital Storage Media Command and Control (also seen as DSMCC)
DSM-CCDigital Storage Media - Command and Control
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With our DSM-CC Library, developed specifically for session-based applications, application developers have a comprehensive library of tools to significantly accelerate development time and time to market for these applications," said itaas' Chief Operating Officer Jaspal Bhasin.
The vendor neutral DSM-CC Library is available in both C++ and Java versions, supporting DSM-CC session protocols for managing interactive and continuous feed sessions.
The DSM-CC Library helps rapidly create infrastructure solutions for emerging services, as BigBand Networks is experiencing in delivering our switched broadcast solution to the market," said Ran Oz, CTO of BigBand Networks, a leading provider of network platforms for video, voice and data services.
DSM-CC was originally intended to provide VCR-like control of an MPEG-2 transport stream across a network.
The DSM-CC extensions to the MPEGscope enable engineers to verify the integrity of data being passed through the network.
DSM-CC has also found application in the area of interactive television.
The DSM-CC software package enables analysis of DSM-CC sections, as well as the composing of transport streams with DSM-CC sections.
0, is an open system that supports both DAVID protocols and applications and also international digital video and broadcast standards such as DAVIC, DSM-CC, MPEG, MHEG and DVB.