DSMPDistributed Session Management Protocol
DSMPDemand Side Management Programme (various locations)
DSMPData and Safety Monitoring Plans (clincal trials)
DSMPDécolletage Spécialisé des Matières Plastiques (French: Décolletage Specialized Plastics)
DSMPDiabetes Self-Management Program
DSMPData Service Management Platform
DSMPDredging Safety Management Program
DSMPDigital Signal Microprocessor
DSMPDigital Sending Module Protocol (Hewlett Packard)
DSMPDaughters of Saint Mary of Providence, Guanellians (religious order)
DSMPDistribution, Shelving, Merchandising, Pricing
DSMPDistributed Symmetric Multiprocessing
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The effect on blood pressure has not been included in any of the evaluations of the DSMP we identified in our review of the literature [28,34,35].
As for the DSMP, it centrally coordinates and strengthens the clinical support for those serving, preparing to serve or who have previously served at a high-threat post.
Thus, the flexible version of the DSMP may appropriately yield lower internal consistency reliability because it assesses several independent dimensions of diabetes self-management (DirecNet Study Group, 2005).
Table 4 Concurrent and Predictive Validity of the HHI Concurrent validity HHI Diabetes-related conflict (DRC--parent report) .18 Diabetes-related conflict (DRC--youth report) -.13 General conflict (CBQ--parent report) .67 *** General conflict (CBQ--youth report) .19 Nonsupport of diabetes regimen (DFBC--parent report) .38 * Nonsupport of diabetes regimen (DFBC--youth report) .14 Predictive validity HHI Adjustment to illness (AIS--parent report) -.55 *** Adjustment to illness (AIS--youth report) -.37 * Adherence to treatment (DSMP total--youth report) -.08 Exercise subscale .07 Managing hypoglycemic subscale -.52 ** Diet subscale .29 Blood glucose testing subscale -.16 Insulin subscale -.18 Metabolic control (HbA1c) .20 Note.
But the DSMP's success really hinged on four other mechanisms:
Recently, several DSMP architectures have been constructed and studied [Samanta et al.
In addition to FDA guidelines, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has endorsed Data and Safety Monitoring Plans (DSMPs) for every clinical trial (FDA, 1996; NIH, 1998).