DSMTDiabetes Self-Management Training
DSMTDynamic Simultaneous Multi Threading
DSMTDezert-Smarandache Theory
DSMTDenver School of Massage Therapy (Aurora, CO)
DSMTDaily Summary of Magazine Transactions (US DOJ)
DSMTDistributed Service Management Toolkit (software)
DSMTDundee Schools Music Theatre (UK)
DSMTDivision of School Media and Technology (various locations)
DSMTDisturbance Simulation Management Tool
DSMTDiploma in Stock Market Trading and Operations (India)
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DSMT offers an opportunity to decrease these costs by reducing hospital admissions and readmissions as well as reducing lifetime health care costs related to diabetes complications and comorbidities.
DSMT has been covered under Medicare for over 15 years.
Dezert, Advances and Applications of DSmT for Information Fusion, vol.
The curriculum of DSMT often includes the diabetes disease process and treatment options; healthy lifestyle; blood glucose monitoring; preventing, detecting and treating diabetes complications; and developing personalized strategies for decision making (2).
It's important to note that although Medicare does cover both DSMT and diabetes MNT, it will not pay for both when they are furnished on the same day to the same beneficiary Although registered dieticians, certified diabetes educators, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others involved in the SMA can all bill for their services, either with their own national provider identification number or that of their group practice, Medicare requires some key codes for payment.
A systematic review of the effect of DSMT on Ale levels, an average measure of blood glucose levels over two to three months, shows that DSMT results in additional improvement of Ale levels compared with usual care.
In the meantime, Dezert-Smarandache (DSmT) [2] introduced further improvement of Dempster-Shafer theory by taking into consideration chance to observe intersection between A and B:
The absence of referrals for DSMT in the rural community can be attributed to lack of access to services, but that is not the case for the suburban or urban communities.
Dezert, Advances and applications of DSmT for information fusion-Collected works-Volume 3, 2009, American Research Press.
Belief function also called evidence theory which includes Dempster- Shafer theory (DST) and Dezert-Smarandache theory (DSmT) has made great efforts and contributions to solve this problem.
t and I are same as in PCR5 rule for the DSmT used in information fusion if 2 sources of information [S.sub.1] and [S.sub.2] give the subjective probability [P.sub.1] and [P.sub.2] about 't' to combining by PCR5 rule,[5]