DSNFDeberry Special Needs Facility (Nashville, TN)
DSNFDefense Spent Nuclear Fuel
DSNFDrupal Social Network Framework (computing)
DSNFDelivery Status Notification: Failure
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Physical Fitness Award: Officer Bonnie Hensley (RMSI) and Officer LaRico Nelson (DSNF)
Comparison of different frameworks in the service negotiation phase Performance Measurement Attribute Negotiation Negotiation Utility Cost Framework/ Approach Value/ Value Model Satisfaction Degree CNM Market driven/ [check] oriented ACT Middle, random, [check] and heuristic selection NFA Alternative LoM2HiS Cost function [check] DSNF Reinforcement [check] learning EBM Evolutionary [check] CSP Practical [check] approach ISN Computational or Modeling Proposed Similarity and [check] ADSLANF Gale Shapely Performance Measurement Attribute Negotiation Cloud/Test- Negotiation No.
Physical Fitness Award: Terry Edmonson (TCIX) and Andrea Jordan (DSNF)