DSNIDudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (Boston, Massachusetts)
DSNIDisability Sports Northern Ireland (UK)
DSNIDulcimer Society of Northern Illinois (music club)
DSNIDistribution Services Négoce International (French: Distribution Services International Trading)
DSNIDirect Sourcing and Networking Initiatives
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The dramatic reduction in funding has been slammed by Bangor Paralympic gold medallist Kelly Gallagher, who warned that other young athletes would be unable to follow their sporting dreams without the assistance of DSNI programmes.
Speaking to the Mirror, she said: "Everybody should have access to sport, and it is worrying to hear what has happened in regards to DSNI.
DSNI convinced the city to declare a moratorium on the transfer of city-owned vacant lots in the neighborhood.
I suggest that there are four aspects of the Dudley Street example that might have made it attractive, and suitable, for the City of Boston to ratchet up its role in enabling the DSNI to rehabilitate and revitalize its neighborhood.
(83.) DSNI states as its mission: "To empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create and control a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners." Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, http://www.dsni.org (last visited Dec.
By approaching our patient's DSNI in a graduated fashion, we were able to gain access to the infection through an intraoral incision, obtain culture specimens, completely evacuate and irrigate the abscess cavity, and spare the patient the morbidities inherent in a combined transcervical and transthoracic external approach.
DSNIs that necessitate surgery are not common in children, but when they occur, they are associated with a high rate of morbidity and mortality as a result of the spread of infection to surrounding spaces and airway obstruction.
The DSNI in Boston targeted the Dudley Street area as the core target area and then extended the boundaries a few streets in each direction to include a secondary area (Medoff & Sklar, 1994, p.
Ironically, many "downtown elites," including Riley Foundation Board members and pro bono corporate lawyers, sat on the DSNI board, and ensured that residents had the necessary financing and technical building to make the Dudley Street revitalization a success.
The tour was followed by a panel discussion and question/answer period with residents from the DSNI area, city representatives, community representatives, and the NLC Advisory Council members.
In the process of residential and commercial redevelopment, DSNI gained municipal powers to obtain private land for redevelopment-the only community group in the U.S.
Static cognitive loss post-CVA and perioperative) was confirmed in patients who otherwise might have been considered to be demented: although it might be represent a postulated that this group might represent a very slowly progressive subgroup of dementia [32], none of these patients fulfilled DSNI Ill/ III-R criteria for dementia at any visit.