DSNRDivision de la Sûreté Nucléaire et de la Radioprotection (French: Division of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection)
DSNRDutch Society of Neuro-Rehabilitation
DSNRDepartment of Sustainable Natural Resources (Australia)
DSNRDifferential Signal-to-Noise Ratio
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The various evaluation parameters as del signal to noise ratio (DSNR), lambda ([lambda]), root mean square error (RMSE), and ROC parameters are employed to compare the performance of the proposed artifact removal algorithm.
Algorithm With DWT filtering With SWT filtering Parameters EEMD- EEMD- EEMD- EEMD- CCA GECCA CCA GECCA MSE 69.3283 51.2272 70.2484 50.1366 Correlation 0.0019 0.0666 0.0103 0.0654 improvement Lambda 66.8838 86.0016 66.2544 87.2759 DSNR 17.7248 29.0387 17.2621 30.2080 TABLE 2: Comparison of the ROC parameters with CCA and GECCA for channel 5.
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