DSNSDamen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding
DSNSDivision of the Strategic National Stockpile
DSNSDato' Setia Negeri Sembilan (Malaysian honorary title)
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"DSNs also provide training, education and support to non-specialist health care professionals including GPs, nurses in primary, secondary and community settings and care homes.
Problem: How to adjust sensing directions of each sensor so that the area coverage is enhanced, at the same time, how to find a subset of sensors in DSNs that can cover points in monitoring region as many as possible.
Thus NCC system is efficient and this provides a significant advantage for Deep Space Networks (DSNs).
As one of the deep neural networks, deep stacking network (DSN) has been successfully applied in speech classification [52], information retrieval [53], and lncRNA identification [24].
> Annualized ROTE is computed as follows: net income (group share) - DSN net interest/average net assets after dividend - hybrid notes - intangible assets - average goodwill.
Enhancing the DSN role: Independent and supplementary prescribing.
DSNs have gained increasing attention in the industrial automation process because of their high elasticity, dynamicity, and efficiency.
An accredited distributive simulation network (DSN) serves as the vehicle to push simulation of the sustainment Joint Deployment Logistics Model (JDLM) to approved home-station locations and combat training centers (CTCs).
Diabetes UK made the damning assessment after carrying out a survey revealing 200 diabetes specialist nurse (DSN) positions are unfilled across the UK.
Iyengar (computer science, Louisiana University) and Brooks (computer engineering, Clemson University) introduce the theory and applications of distributed sensor networks (DSNs).
It is being launched to serve as a medium for the exchange of information about the impact of research on DSNs and their potential application.
The out-of-order DSN ([O.sup.3] *-DSN) metric, which is measured by the offset between the DSNs of two consecutively received data chunks, is a good metric selection used to reflect the performance of multipath data delivery in a heterogeneous wireless network environment.