DSOCDemocratic Socialist Organizing Committee (est. 1973)
DSOCDemocratic Socialists of America (New York, NY)
DSOCDorset Subaru Owners Club (car club)
DSOCDiscovery Science and Outdoor Center (Ocala, Florida)
DSOCDefense Safety Oversight Committee
DSOCDSN Space Operations Center
DSOCDel Sol Owners Club (web forum)
DSOCDutch Spartan Owners Club
DSOCDark Silver Owners Club (Mini Cooper)
DSOCDownstream Oil Company (Oakville, ON, Canada)
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The DSOC provides the capabilities of a traditional Security Operations Center (SOC) by using advanced analytics and helps organisations address advanced cyberattacks that arise from emerging digital technologies and converged digital ecosystems.
Clients can now access one of the worlds most advanced cyber technology solutions, delivered as a service through EYs DSOC on a
Specialised MENA DSOC analysts will be able to address four
Located in Muscat, Oman, the DSOC leverages its strategic alliance with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), and is the latest addition to EY's global cybersecurity centres and is part of wavespace, a global EY network of growth and innovation centres.
Clients can now access the solution as a service through the EY DSOC on a subscription-based model.
Clients can now access one of the world's most advanced cyber technology solutions, delivered as a service through EY's DSOC on a subscription-based model.
At EY's DSOC, analysts will address four key cyber challenges affecting companies in the region: holistic digital ecosystem coverage, continuous 24x7 security monitoring, incident response, and threat intelligence.
From the mid-1970s on, DSOC mostly attracted members who knew and cared very little about the sectarian Old Left.
The DSOC will be based in Muscat and will be manned largely by Omani information security professionals.
I was a member of the National Board of DSOC and DSA.
According to EY officials, the DSOC will comprehensively monitor the security of IT systems, operations technology systems and IoT (Internet of Things) of organisations on a 24x7 basis in the GCC countries and other countries in MENA region.