DSOFDesign Studio of the Future (virtual design studio; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
DSOFDirection Stratégique et Opérations Financières (French: Strategic Direction and Financial Operations)
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Measurement of the skull of local Mizo pig (dorsal view) showing skull length (Lsk), skull width (Wsk), length of frontal (Lfr), width of frontal (Wfr), distance between two supraorbital foramina (Dsof), distance between supraorbital foramina to rim of orbit (Sof-rio) length of nasal (Lna) and width of nasal (Wna) and cranial width (Wcr).
Tenders are invited for Pip Main canal rectification works to the dsof tunnel face near bound arya tv adasserik karaatch 3646m.
"We now have four centrehalves, different full-backs, loads of ha halv lves es, diffe ffere rent nt ful ull-l ba back cks, loa oads dsof midfielders who are all fighting for a place - and a group of youngsters coming through who are really pushing for their chance as well.