DSPAData Science and Predictive Analytics (course; University of Michigan)
DSPADanish School of Public Administration (Denmark)
DSPADesmodus Rotundus Salivary Plasminogen Activator (vampire bat saliva-derived anticlotting agent)
DSPADNA Specimen Provenance Assay (medical test)
DSPADigital & Screen Printing Association (UK)
DSPADry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol (fire suppression)
DSPADuluth Seaway Port Authority (Minnesota)
DSPADigital Signal Processing Applications
DSPADirection de la Stratégie, du Pilotage et de l'Animation (French: Directorate of Strategy, Steering and Animation)
DSPAdigital subtraction pulmonary angiography
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El subdirector general, Joaquin Duran, aseguraba el 4 de marzo de 2014 en el Parlamento de Andalucia que, siempre y cuando el Contrato-Programa lo permitiera, la RTVA se comprometia a la recuperacion diferenciada del segundo canal en funcion de la disponibilidad presupuestaria y la situacion financiera del ente (DSPA, 2014: 46-49).
DSPA elected Yasin Ghobishi, as its secretary-general, as well as new executive and political committees.
The DSPA test verifies diagnosis with the patient's identity through the comparison of the patient's DNA reference sample with the patient's biopsied tissue.
Last, if the biopsy results are positive for cancer, our DNA laboratory performs a DSPA test to compare the DNA profiles of the biopsy tissue and the reference sample.
Os participantes com uma representacao de Vinculacao Insegura (mae) apresentam valores medios mais elevados nas dimensoes de perfeccionismo: DSPA (M= 11,65; DP = 2,91;p = 0,000), PCE (M= 29,36; DP = 7,09;p = 0,017), EP (M= 11,63; DP = 3,69;p = 0,000), e, CP (M-12,12; DP = 3,61;p = 0,000).
The scientists then injected some mice with the bat-saliva compound, called Desmodus rotundus salivary plasminogen activator (DSPA).
DSPA, as it is known, destroys fibrin, which is produced as blood coagulates.
Desmodus rotundus salivary plasminogen activator (DSPA) destroys fibrin, which is produced during blood coagulation.
As previously stated, when the signals from the two DSPA outputs are combined with varying amplitude and phase ratios, any polarization can be created.
In 2001, Salman got political asylum in the UK, re-established relations with his old Ahwazi comrades and in 2003 they founded the Democratic Solidarity Party of al-Ahwaz (DSPA), a group with explicitly non-violent means.
The county used a DSPA (dry sprinkler power aerosol) unit to suppress the fire.