DSPDDivision for Social Policy and Development (UN)
DSPDDivision of Services for People with Disabilities (Utah)
DSPDDangerous and Severe Personality Disorder
DSPDDefense Support to Public Diplomacy
DSPDDomain-Specific Program Development (ECOOP Workshop)
DSPDDelayed Sleep-Phase Disorder
DSPDDeclaration on Social Progress and Development
DSPDDemonstrably Superior and Pleasingly Different (Callaway golf clubs)
DSPDDeputy State Public Defender (California)
DSPDDesign Scope and Planning Document
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Em nosso estudo, foram realizadas seis reunioes de, aproximadamente, duas horas cada uma, onde foram construidos roteiros para cada uma das quatro fases do ciclo DSPD, cujos objetivos e fases sao resumidos no Quadro 2.
(130) By 2010, Britain had over 5800 inmates serving an IPP sentence, and 350 DSPD beds, each of which cost 200,000 [pounds sterling] (prison-based) to 300,000 [pounds sterling] (hospital-based) annually.
A predecessor to DSPD, the Office of Strategic Influence (OSI) was created after the 9/11 attacks and abolished in 2002 in response to rumors that it intended to provide misinformation and propaganda to foreign news sources and to punish those who conveyed the wrong message.
Estimated prevalence of DSPD is 10 per cent among all patients with chronic insomnia seeking medical assistance at sleep clinics (37).
The formal consultation period on the DSPD starts today and will last for six weeks.
This article describes what is known about DSPD and uses the case example to illustrate diagnostic assessment and treatment choices.
This study was undertaken in the Peaks unit, a purpose-built high secure Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD) service located within the grounds of Rampton Hospital, England.
Two more of the DSPD - Dangerous People with Severe Personality Disorder - units have been built at Frankland prison, Durham, and Whitemoor jail, Cambs.
The team, including Dave Matthews, governor of the prison's multi-million-pound DSPD wing, is made up of officers, nurses and administration staff.
He could end up at either of two jails with DSPD units, or at five others which have special secure units - also known as 'jails within a jail'.