DSPFDisplay File
DSPFDuplex Single Pass Feeder (scanner)
DSPFDetailed Standard Parasitic Format
DSPFDelaware Seashore Preservation Foundation (Ocean View, DE)
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Mutant's dspA/E and dspF obtained from the wild type strain of E.
PCR amplification: Purified DNA template was analyzed by touch-down PCR targeting the dspA/E and DspF genes of E.
Cloning and gene knockout of dspA/E and dspF: The purified PCR fragments of the wild type E.
benthamiana, Col-5 and Ler-0 to determine the role of the dspA/E gene and its chaperone dspF in pathogenicity.
Gene knockout of dspE and dspF: Amplification of dspA/E and dspF regions of E.
In the current study, the role of the DspA/E and its chaperone protein DspF of E.