DSPRDansk Selskab for Plastik- og Rekonstruktionskirurgi (Danish: Danish Society of Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery)
DSPRDepartment of Services to Palestinian Refugees (Israel)
DSPRDown South Paranormal Research (New Orleans, LA)
DSPRDivision of State Parks and Recreation (Massachusetts)
DSPRDark Side Prequel Rumors (Star Wars)
DSPRDigital Signal Processing Resource (telecommunications)
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PP test results strongly reject the original hypothesis, indicating that DLPR, ILPR, DSPR, and ISPR are stable (Table 2).
The dynamic conditional correlation coefficients of DLPR, ILPR, DSPR, and ISPR have been oscillating around 0, and there is no obvious trend of change.
Statistics DLPR (a) ILPR DSPR Observations 878 878 878 Mean (SD) -0.007 (1.910) -0.010 (1.250) -0.002 (3.170) Median -0.031 -0.001 0.027 Maximum 9.145 5.246 22.008 Minimum -7.895 -5.036 -22.275 Skewness -0.047 0.067 0.088 Kurtosis 3.890 5.080 25.482 Jarquc-Bera test 29.285 (***b) 158.892 (***) 18,492.510 (***) Statistics ISPR Observations 878 Mean (SD) -0.008 (1.229) Median 0.001 Maximum 9.665 Minimum -10.014 Skewness -0.051 Kurtosis 15.208 Jarquc-Bera test 5,452.926 (***) (a) DLPR = returns ratio for domestic logs; ILPR = returns ratio for imported logs; DSPR = returns ratio of domestic sawn timber; ISPR = returns ratio of imported sawn timber.
MCDA technique Aspects Attributes Reference AHP Consumer-centered User preference [35] service selection, especially for medical services TOPSIS QoS-based multiple Linguistic [39] service selection variable with fuzzy options triangular fuzzy numbers PROMETHEE Dynamic autonomous Suitable for [49] resource, large data management, and centers scalability AHP Fuzzy AHP with IVFs 2-tuple [38] linguistic variables Fuzzy Fuzzy logic-based Fuzzy inference [45] resource evaluation engine for technique for the resource DSPR framework evaluation.
DSPR Chairperson Farah Atallah said that the delegation represents 17 leaders of the catholic and Evangelical churches in Germany in addition to the presidents of international NGOaACAOs namely DKH (Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe) and the president of CARITAS International and representatives of official media in Germany and satellite channels.
Atallah added that the purpose of the visit is to advocate and raise the awareness of the public in Germany about the situation of Syrian refugees in the host countries especially in Jordan in order to increase the support to DSPR and other organizations that are working to support Syrian refugees in their crisis, indicating that this visit shows the great interest in Jordan as a module in coexistence in unstable and tensioned region.
En assurant l'integration de genre dans les DSPR et dans tout autre instrument, il est necessaire de promouvoir l'egalite entre les sexes; ce qui compte pour la reduction de la pauvrete, le developpement et la croissance, c'est la mise en oeuvre de ces politiques et instruments de projets dans lesquels le genre aura ete integre.
Sabella spoke warmly of the DSPR's 50-year association with The Presbyterian Church in Canada.