DSPRSDirection des Statuts, des Pensions et de la Réinsertion Sociale (French: Directorate of Laws, Pensions and Social Reintegration)
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the subject of the contract award procedure is the completion of the provided simplified project documentation (hereinafter referred to as the sdd) to the level of the project documentation for the building permit in details for the implementation of the construction (hereinafter referred to as dsprs) and the incorporation of the conditions from the construction procedure, Engineering activity - ensuring the issuance of the relevant building permits or.
The contract is the development and delivery of project documentation for territorial decision (DUR), design documentation for planning permission in detail documentation for construction realization (the DSPRS) named railway station, construction of a new railway station Handlova station and related infrastructure - overall design, security engineering activities and author supervision.
1.2 The contract entitled: Project to ensure access for people with limited mobility to rail passenger services is the preparation of project documentation for building permit at the implementation project (hereinafter referred to as "DSPRS") - one-stage project, the provision of related engineering services (hereinafter "IC") (contracting assumes that all construction work will be sufficient notification of construction), the implementation of structural modifications, and revisions of warranty service specified technical equipment (hereinafter referred to as "STE") only in the railway stations (hereinafter referred to as "railway station"), which will be built sloping stair lifts and elevators which will be upgraded, and a copy of the as-built documentation (hereinafter "DSRs").