DSPSLDouble-Sided Parallel-Strip Line (microwave theory)
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To solve the problem, based on the analysis mentioned above, a transmission line of 158.1 [OMEGA] is achieved using DSPSL and ATL as shown in Figure 7.
The technology combining DSPSL and ATL is applied for designing the transmission line of 158.1 [OMEGA], while other sections of transmission lines are achieved by conventional ATLs or transmission line.
A miniaturized 4:1 unequal Wilkinson power divider has been designed and experimentally verified adopting ATLs, and 158.1 [OMEGA] transmission line is achieved by using DSPSL and ATL.
In this paper, in order to achieve high impedance transmission line, an ATL with double-sided parallel-strip lines (DSPSLs) has been proposed.
And the voltage along the DSPSL has identical amplitude but opposite phase.
For even-mode excitation, the voltage along the DSPSL has identical amplitude and phase.
Therefore, the TGV can be ignored since it has no effect on the DSPSL. Besides, there is also no current flowing through the input load and the input port can be regarded as an open circuit.
A through ground via (TGV), connecting both sides of the DSPSLs, is employed.
It consists of several sections of DSPSLs, two external isolation resistors, and a mid-inserted conductor plane as well as a through ground via (TGV).
The MSL to DSPSL tapered transition geometry consists of a ground plane, which is gradually converted into a strip.
The width of the transmission line DSPSL 2 on the top layer and bottom layer is the same width with DSPSL 1.
VSWR pattern position line Reference [5] <2 Good Backside Coaxial line Reference [6] <2 Good Backside Coaxial line Reference [7] <2.5 Good Head MSL Reference [8] <2 Good Head DSPSL Reference [9] <2.5 Good Backside Strip line Reference [11] <2 Good Backside Coplanar waveguide Reference [13] <2 Good Backside DSPSL This work <2 Good Backside MSL Cross- Ref.