DSRRDigital Short Range Radio
DSRRDelta Southern Railroad Company (Louisiana)
DSRRDivisional Staff Relations Representative (Canada)
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4(a) and (b), as the incident wave comes into the first Fabry-Perot-like resonant cavity, the EM wave travels back and front between the top DSRR layer and middle cut-wire layer, leading to a constructive interference between the multiple polarization couplings, and the polarization of the transmission wave is thereby rotated by 135[degrees] (colorful arrows in Fig.
6, the brown, red and purple arrows represent the surface current direction of top DSRR layer, middle cut-wire layer and bottom DSRR layer, respectively.
5, surface current distributions in each DSRR layer are investigated at each resonant frequency to analyze the polarization conversion.
Similarly to the unit cell structure configuration in [11, 41], the split direction of DSRRs is rotated in a certain angle [alpha] along axial direction.
Tres peu da pays africains, l'exception du Rwanda, ant integre le genre dans les DSRR. Lune des raisons de ceci etant que les DSRP ant ete elabores sum la base de la supposition qua les processus participatifs auront de l'espace dans les DSRR En consequence, les organisations de la societe civila et las gouvernements de plusieurs pays ant fait des efforts considerables pour inclure at pavoiser le genre dans las processus participatifs.