DSRSData Storage and Retrieval System
DSRSDundee Satellite Receiving Station (University of Dundee; Scotland, UK)
DSRSDefense Software Repository System
DSRSDrug Services Research Survey
DSRSDepression Self-Rating Scale
DSRSDeputy Sheriffs' Retirement System (West Virginia)
DSRSDefense Software Reuse System
DSRSDeep Submergence Rescue System
DSRSDown-Shift Request Switch
DSRSDetailed Software Requirement Specification
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In conclusion, we propose a CCMM with the DSRs sandwiched between two layers of twisted subwavelength metal grating, which can realize an ultrabroadband AT effect and high-efficient CPC in microwave region.
Our first candidate model involved solely a constant daily survival rate (DSR), which is essentially the same as the maximum likelihood method for calculating nest success according to the Mayfield method (Mayfield, 1961, 1975; Rotella, 2016).
Therefore, we performed a meta-analysis of all RCTs concerning TIPS and surgical shunting (including DSRS, PCS, and HGPCS) to evaluate the optimal management for patients with portal hypertension.
We modeled daily survival rate (DSR) of nests with program MARK (White and Burnham, 1999) using procedures described by Dinsmore et al.
DSRs currently used for asphalt testing can be adapted to use a Searle system.
A concept consisting of forward located Government Service Disposition Services Representatives (DSRs) and uniformed Expeditionary Disposal Remediation Team (EDRT) members receiving and processing excess, obsolete or battle-damaged equipment across the Afghanistan Area of Operations.
According to Nigel Miller, partner in City law firm Fox Williams, "the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations (DSRs) have, since October 2000, given legal rights to consumers who buy online." The DSRs apply to 'distance contracts.' Mr Miller said: "This means a contract for supply of goods or services away from the shop, made, say, by the Internet, or telephone.
DSRS: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Democratic Party of the RepublikaSrpska)--ethnic, moderate (presidentDragomirDumic); Scarce data available about the party.
The sweep to check for potential breaches of Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs) found 33 per cent of sites that provided information on cancellation appeared to impose unreasonable restrictions on refunds, most commonly requiring the product to be in its original packaging or original condition, making it difficult for customers to reasonably inspect the item.