DSSATDecision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer
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Rashid, "Assessment of the effect of climate change on boro rice production in Bangladesh using DSSAT model," Journal of Civil Engineering, vol.
Impact es un modelo con diseno modular, por lo que es posible integrarlo con otros, como por ejemplo diversos modelos climaticos, General Circulation Models (GCMs), de cultivos (Dssat), de seguridad alimentaria y de uso de la tierra, entre otros.
Due to changing climate there is a reduction in rice yield differently with 30 per cent 20 per cent 13 per cent 7 per cent and 6 per cent (mean 15.2 per cent) by DSSAT and APSIM decreased yield 19 per cent 14 per cent 16 per cent 15 per cent and 18 per cent (mean 17.2 per cent) using five GCMs GFDL MPI-ESM CCSM4 MICROC5 and Had-GEM respectively.
In Iran wheat, maize and soybean were selected under different climatic condition decision support system for agro- technology transfer (DSSAT) were applied in this study using previous 30 to 90 years observed weather generated WEGEN and SIMMETEO.
The CERES rice model version 4.5 of the DSSAT modeling system which is an advanced physiologically based rice crop growth simulation model was used to predict rice (Basmati 370 and IR2793-80-1) growth, development, and response to various climatic conditions prevailing in the four irrigation schemes.
The DSSAT software package including the database which was referred to in the manuscript was officially purchased and was used solely for scientific purposes.
In Colorado, ARS researchers from Fort Collins and Akron used the DSSAT model to look at corn produced either with or without irrigation.
Dynamic process-oriented crop models such as DSSAT (Jones et al., 2003) and APSIM (Keating et al., 2003) have the potential to link genetic architectures and whole-organism phenotypic expression (Boote et al., 2001: White and Hoogenboom, 2003; Chapman et al., 2003; Cooper et al., 2002).
Se presentan los valores de 15 coeficientes geneticos requeridos por dicho modelo del programa DSSAT Version 3.5 y se describe y valora el procedimiento utilizado para su determinacion y registro de 7 cultivares nuevos en la base de datos.
(4) 'Millet, sorghum, sugarcane, and maize all use the C4 pathway and are assumed to follow the DSSAT results for maize in the same geographic regions.
(2011) encontraram 628,1 e 628,3 [degrees]C [d.sup.-1], para as variedades SP83-2847 e RB82454, respectivamente, em simulacoes utilizando o modelo DSSAT; nota-se, entao, que a variedade SP80-1842, calibrada neste trabalho para o modelo APSIM, e relativamente mais exigente em energia termica durante a emergencia.