DSSHDutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare (Netherlands)
DSSHDynamic Shapeshifting Helix (bridge design)
DSSHDepartment of Social Services and Housing (Hawaii)
DSSHDigital Sun Sensor Head (US NASA)
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DSSh is a joint venture between the Damen Shipyards Group and Albwardy Investment.
"What makes us unique in Hamriyah is that we took the opportunity to build the perfect yard and offer services that are quick, efficient and safe, all in one place," said Lars Seistrup, DSSh's managing director.
We next consider DSSH equation with the generalized tanh-coth method in the following form:
By using the w(x, t) = [u.sub.x](x,t), v(x, t) = (1/6)([u.sub.t] - 3[([u.sub.x]).sup.2] + [u.sub.xxx]), can be used to get the solutions of the DSSH system (19).
Because DSSH's prison complaints cannot be isolated, analyzing the ombudsman's record in handling complaints from prisoners is best accomplished by combining complaints from the Department of Corrections and from the Department of Public Safety (while ignoring the tiny number of complaints about the Department of Public Safety's law enforcement in public buildings and Hawaii Paroling Authority).