DSTDPDivision of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention (US CDC)
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Morstille 18 DSTDP antioxidant is described as a thioester synergist that is particularly effective as a long-term heating aging stabilizer when used in conjunction with primary antioxidants.
Offers antioxidants, which include Sognox 1010, 1076 and 1680; binary blends; a complete range of performance antioxidants including Songnox 3114, 1290, 2450, 1035, 1098, 1024, 6260 and 6180; and a full range of thioesters (DSTDP, DLTDP, 4120).
The thioether DSTDP (Irganox PS 802) has been used with primary antioxidants to extend the lifetimes of polyolefins exposed to elevated temperatures.
Also available are three thioester-based antioxidants: Sognox DSTDP, DLTDP and 4120.
Other new products for Songwon are two benzoates--Songsorb 2908 and 7120--and three thioesters--Sognox DSTDP, DLTDP, and 4120.
Thioester-type secondaries include DLTDP, DMTDP, DSTDP, and blends for HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, and EVA modified PE, as well as engineering resins and elastomers.
Thioester-type secondaries include DLTDP, DMTDP, DSTDP, and blends for HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PF, and EVA modified FE, as well as engineering resins and elastomers.
Today's benchmark stabilizer system for low-water-extractable polyolefins in North America is based on DSTDP thioester synergist with one of the following phenolics: Irganox 1010 from Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Tarrytown, N.Y., or equivalents from other suppliers; Cyanox 1790 from Cytec Industries, Paterson, N.J.; or Ethanox 330 from Albemarle Corp., Baton Rouge, La.
has introduced a sulfur-containing secondary antioxidant that is said to provide stability superior to conventional thioesters such as DLTDP and DSTDP. In combination with a hindered phenolic, Seenox 412S reportedly achieves higher temperature stability in PP, PE, and engineering plastics for applications such as automotive under-hood parts.
* A new pastille form of Carstab DSTDP thioester from Morton International Chemicals, Danvers, Mass., is said to be easier to handle than standard flakes.