DSTMDynamic Static Type Mismatch
DSTMDual Stack Transition Mechanism
DSTMDynamic Software Transactional Memory
DSTMDirection des Services Techniques Municipaux (French: Municipal Technical Services Directorate; various locations)
DSTMDifferential Space-Time Modulation
DSTMDon't Shoot the Messenger, Inc (Milton, Ontario, Canada)
DSTMDirectorate of Science, Technology and Medicine
DSTMDepartment Store Type Merchandise
DSTMDynamic Selection of Tasks and Methods
DSTMDark Side of the Moon
DSTMDynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode
DSTMDeep Sea Tailings Management System
DSTMDon't Shoot the Medic (gaming clan)
DSTMDynamic Soft Tissue Mobilization (physical therapy)
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It was found that subjects who received DSTM achieved significantly greater increases in hamstring flexibility than the control and classic STM groups.1 It is important to have the normal flexibility of hamstring muscles to move smoothly because the tightness of hamstrings can lead to various problems like Patellofemoral pain syndrome,2 and abnormal pelvic tilting especially in sitting.
Biradar, "Simulation of IPv4-to-IPv6 Dual Stack Transition Mechanism (DSTM) Between IPv4 Hosts in Integrated IPv6/IPv4 Network," International Conference on Computers and Devices for Communications, IEEE 2009.
Using the relationship between size and DSTM, the soft tissue mass removed by the predator from a drilled, completely consumed mussel of a given size could be estimated.
It resulted in the union agreeing to substantially lower rates for employees in the new RCSS stores but provided for staff in their food departments with substantially higher rates than the associates involved in the DSTM section of the store.
The Liverpoolbased DSTM had been founded by Brookside actors Dean Sullivan and Tina Malone, who gave their initials to the title as well as their considerable skills.
Of particular interest is the decrease in retail sales in Zones A and B in October/November, 1999, which, if viewed within the context of a single year, might be taken to reflect the negative externality impact of Eaton's closures as national DSTM sales do not dip in a similar fashion.
Tina Malone, who runs DSTM with Dean Sullivan says the `do'is to raise money for their company.
Former Brookside actors Dean Sullivan and Tina Malone unveiled plans to produce a trilogy of short films with a budget of pounds 50,000 raised by their company DSTM through private funding.
Titled DSTM - it stands for anything from Drama to Music to Dean Sullivan Tina Malone - the school is based at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre.
He will be one of the major characters featured in the winding down of the soap -which means he is so busy he couldn't attend the launch of his new casting and production company DSTM -which he runs with former Brookie stalwart Tina Malone.
DSTM was envisaged long before Brookside was given the axe from Channel 4 but the show finishing in September gives Dean more time to focus on the company's official launch in October.
Dean already has his own joint production company along with former soap star Tina Malone called DSTM Productions so be prepared to see them treading the boards as thespians on a stage near you.