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DSTNDouble Scan Twist Nematic
DSTNDouble Layer Super Twist Nematic
DSTNDétecteurs Solides de Traces Nucléaires (French: Nuclear Traces and Solids Detectors)
DSTNDipartimento per i Servizi Tecnici Nazionali (Italian: Department for National Technical Services)
DSTNDual-Scan Twisted Nematic
DSTNDouble Supertwisted Nematic
DSTNDouble-Layer Supertwist Nematic
DSTNData Systems Technology Networks, Inc. (Baton Rouge, LA)
DSTNDual-scan Super-Twist Nematic
DSTNDigital Services Transmission Network
DSTNDigital Services Transport Network
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The user's work comes into focus on the 12.1" TFT active matrix or high-contrast DSTN screen.
adhesion Androgen receptor NCOR2, DSTN, RAC1, PIK3R1, FHL2, et al.
Due to poor performance by DSTN, its Canadian parent company registerd 24.3 billion won of losses last year.
DSME said that the shipbuilder gave up its 51% share in DSME Trenton (DSTN), as the firm saw its capital reduce, hit hard by increasing losses amid the global economic downturn.
Dst And Dstn Metro Stations And Miscellaneous Civil Arrangements For Opening Of 2Nd Entry At New Ashok Nagar Metro Station
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Additional Underground Rcc Water Tank For Pd Area At Dst, Dsn And Dstn Metro Station And Misc.
The C1160 handset is reported to feature a 1.3" DSTN LCD screen, SMS predictive text and polyphonic ring tones.
Formation of the "leading edge," based on actin polymerisation regulated by a complicated protein complex of Arp2/3, DSTN, WASF, profilin, cofilin, and other proteins, is known to be the first step in directional cell translocation [57, 58].
Currently LCD has various technologies such as Super Twisted Nematics (STN), Dual Scan Twisted Nematics (DSTN), Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) and Surface Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal