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DSTNDouble Layer Super Twist Nematic
DSTNDouble Scan Twist Nematic
DSTNDétecteurs Solides de Traces Nucléaires (French: Nuclear Traces and Solids Detectors)
DSTNDipartimento per i Servizi Tecnici Nazionali (Italian: Department for National Technical Services)
DSTNDual-Scan Twisted Nematic
DSTNDouble Supertwisted Nematic
DSTNDouble-Layer Supertwist Nematic
DSTNData Systems Technology Networks, Inc. (Baton Rouge, LA)
DSTNDual-scan Super-Twist Nematic
DSTNDigital Services Transmission Network
DSTNDigital Services Transport Network
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The user's work comes into focus on the 12.1" TFT active matrix or high-contrast DSTN screen.
adhesion Androgen receptor NCOR2, DSTN, RAC1, PIK3R1, FHL2, et al.
The C1160 handset is reported to feature a 1.3" DSTN LCD screen, SMS predictive text and polyphonic ring tones.
Formation of the "leading edge," based on actin polymerisation regulated by a complicated protein complex of Arp2/3, DSTN, WASF, profilin, cofilin, and other proteins, is known to be the first step in directional cell translocation [57, 58].
Currently LCD has various technologies such as Super Twisted Nematics (STN), Dual Scan Twisted Nematics (DSTN), Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) and Surface Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal