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DSTODefence Science & Technology Organisation (Australia)
DSTODevelopmental Services Toronto (Canada)
DSTODoor Supervisor Training Organisation (UK; security training)
DSTODependent Spouse Tax Offset (Australia)
DSTODefense Systems and Technology Operation
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"DSTO are continually improving and developing new tracking and radar systems, and this project is all about putting this technology to the test in an aircraft to see how it performs in the field on operation," Hill added.
The ISR testbed will allow the DSTO to explore and evaluate radar, infrared, and optical sensor modes and applications for the Orion replacement, Dr.
As part of the initiative, a digital model of the SIRFC was integrated into a Blackhawk helicopter simulator at the DSTO's Air Operations Simulation Centre (Melbourne, Australia) last year.
The Experimental [C.sup.3]I Technology Environment (EXC3ITE) is a capability and technology demonstrator under the DSTO's Takari Program, an integrated research and development effort designed to provide the Australian Defence Forces with the capability to fight and win information-based warfare.
At the same time, the DSTO is also seeking more efficient ways of delivering functionality to users by exploiting advances in technology, particularly in the areas of distributed computer systems and wideband-communications systems.
I m delighted to formalise our relationship with the world-respected DSTO. Airbus Group has been good friends and business partners with DSTO for a long time and this strategic alliance can only enhance that successful relationship.
Combining Airbus Group s aerospace expertise with DSTO s scientific innovation will lead to increased Australian defence capabilities in the future, Dr Goennemann added.
Recruitment in these priority areas aligns with the broad science and technology (S&T) trajectories for DSTO over the coming years, as outlined in the DSTO Strategic Plan 2013-2018.
Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky is enthusiastic about continuing DSTO's long history of fostering Australia's best and brightest S&T talent.
Mr Robert said: Defence demand for scientific support has increased considerably in recent years and DSTO requires modern and expanded facilities to meet the challenges associated with developing new technologies.
DSTO will play an important role in this partnership and the upgraded facilities in Melbourne will be pivotal in achieving an enhanced protective capability against life-threatening diseases and toxic materials.
The United States Joint Strike Fighter Program Office asked the DSTO to undertake this research, based on its world class expertise in investigating electromagnetic environmental effects, Senator Johnston said.