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Tenders are invited for Space grade dsub connectors
where [V.sub.gbx] approximates to back gate voltages [V.sub.bg] and [V.sub.dsx] approximate to drain terminal voltage [V.sub.ds] when working in saturation region, and ETA0, ETAB, and DSUB are fit parameters from device extraction.
Each module provides 32 single-ended inputs or outputs switched via solid-state relays and accessed via 68-position DSUB connectors.
The card is equipped with an industry standard 37 pole DSUB connector and a mini USB device connector.
The 26- and 28-pin M27 connector can be used for various industries, including pharmaceutical, replacing DB25 and DSUB style connectors where DB25 connectors are limited to 30V and low current.
In the quadcode structure, coordintae y has a weight of 2 and d.sub.k = [plus-or-minus]2; so let d.sub.k = dsub.k./2 and d.sub.k = [plus-or-minus]1; [delta]y(A, B) = B.sub.1.,..., b.sub.n.-a.sub.1.,..., a.sub.n =(b.sub.k - a.sub.k / 2) X 2.sup.n-k + .sup.n.[sigma].sub.i=k+1 (b.sub.i - a.sub.i / 2) X 2.sup.n-i =d.sub.k X 2.sup.n-k + .sup.n.[sigma].sub.i=k+1 (b.sub.i - a.sub.1 / 2) X 2.sup.n-i = [plus-or-minus]1 .sup.n.[sigma].sub.i=k+1 (b.sub.
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