DT1Dorsal Transverse 1 (neurology)
DT1Dental Technician First Class (Naval Rating)
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DT1, located in Downtown Dubai, broke ground earlier this year to signal the strategy of Ellington Properties to develop high-quality homes in Dubai's sought-after locations.
DT1 covers approximately 20,000 square metres and rises to a height of 72 metres.
Based on the soybean's genome and mapping analysis, the Dt1 gene codes the GmTFLlb protein, and the type of growth of the soybean stem is determined by variants of this gene.
For a given size of coil operating with constant airflow rate, the effectiveness can be considered constant over the small operating temperature ranges typical of refrigeration applications, and therefore, capacity can be considered to be proportional to the ratio of DT1. Hence, if evaporator coil sensible capacity is known for a given DT1, then capacity at a new initial temperature difference, DT1', can be found by multiplying the original capacity by the ratio DT1'/DT1.
Drilling is expanding the area of Plateau's successful 1998 drill results (DT1 through DT8) in the southern portion of Drenthe Farm.
Effects of the Dt1 and dt1 alleles can be accurately assessed only in isolines or near-isolines that are genetically similar except for these two alleles.
DT1 is the fourth project by Ellington and is scheduled for hand-over by the third-quarter of this year.
A major developer of bespoke and quality homes, Ellington said DT1 was its seventh residential project, thus adding to its real estate portfolio in Dubai.
Bernard (1972) studied the intermediate stem type of strain T117 from the USDA Genetic Type Collection, which he called semi-determinate, and found it to be controlled by a dominant gene (DO) at a different locus and quite similar in phenotype to the heterozygote Dt1dt1) The Dt1 locus is epistatic to Dt2, with Dt2 only expressed in the presence of Dt1, and is masked in the presence of homozygous dt1dt1 genotype.
Donations, if desired, by cheque made payable to 'Life' and sent c/o Cooperative Funeralcare, 31 Great Western Road, Dorchester, DT1 1SB.
we are looking at redesigning the current services available through the dorset accessible homes service and the sensory impairment service which are due to be tendered in the...Ng people with sight loss and blindness supporting people with hearing loss and deafnesswe are holding a market engagement event on monday 11th march 2019 1pm at the dorford centre, dorchester, dorset, dt1 1rr.
30 / ge / 2017 - cig 71660771d1 - maintenance work on the paving along the motorway sections under the responsibility of the tronco di genova (dt1) (italy-genoa: Carriageway resurfacing works)