DTAEDepartment of Technical and Adult Education (Georgia, USA)
DTAEDepartment of Tourism, Arts and the Environment (Australia)
DTAEDiretoria de Tecnologias Aplicadas à Educação (Portuguese: Board for Applied Technology Education; Brazil)
DTAEDéveloppement des Territoires, Aménagement et Environnement (French: Regional Development, Planning and Environment)
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has announced that the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education (DTAE) has selected its Unicorn library management system for implementation in 98 Georgia public libraries.
Tender notice number : 1589/12A DTAE 03-05-2018ID:2018_CEUAZ_202818_1
A meeting was scheduled in September 1999 to discuss the feasibility of a partnership between the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education (DTAE) and the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice.
Tenders are invited for Erection, dismantling, transportation of poles,Distribution Transformers, Metering set and other allied extension works for the period of one year from the dtae of commencement of work in Ammapettai subdivision of Bhavani division in Gobi EDC.
Tender notice number : 13/1/NIQ/AE/EL/2E/KCED-I/2016-17/122 Dtae 16/08/2016