DTAFDansk Taekwondo Forbund (Danish: Danish Taekwondo Federation)
DTAFDon't Trust a Fart
DTAFDental Trade Alliance Foundation (Arlington, VA)
DTAFDance Teachers Association of Florida (Orlando, FL)
DTAFDuties as Assigned by Facility Maintenance Chief
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Pei, "Dynamic TXOP Assignment for Fairness (DTAF) in IEEE 802.11 e WLAN under Heavy Load Conditions," in Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies, 2006.
DTAF seeks proposals that focus on solutions to issues benefiting dentistry, such as enhancing productivity to increase patient care and flow, capacity solutions, improving access to dental care, collaborations to increase impact, and citizenship efforts to better serve dental professionals, patients and their communities.
The 6-aminohexylphosphate-labeled oligonucleotide probe was labeled with DTAF as follows: One milliliter of DTAF (500 mg, 940 nmol) in a mixture of acetonitrile and PBS (1:1 by vol) was added to probe 1 (Table 1) (21.3 nmol) in DTAF labeling buffer (500 [micro]L).
Our results show that fluorescein, DTAF, and ROX are useful for the FP detection of PCR products, and we demonstrated the multiplexed detection for two amplicons using the two latter fluorophores.
The in situ grazing experiments were conducted with fluorescently labelled bacteria (FLB) of the Escherichia coli species stained with 5-(4, 6 dichlorotriazin-2-yl) aminofluorescein (DTAF) as described by Sherr et al.