DTATDiphtheria Toxin/Urokinase Fusion Protein
DTATDouble Taxation Avoidance Treaty (India and Mauritius)
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" The Germans never spoke of the DTAT. Our people deliberately brought it in as a certain method of rendering the entire investigation futile and making our corrupt rulers escape arrest and prosecution," he said.
Jethmalani said the government's petition citing DTATs coming in the way of disclosing names is " one of the most ill advised steps taken".
negocio EBIT--Media)/ (2007) medido pela Receita volatilidade operacional dos lucros liquida Lucratividade roa Lucro liquido/ Minardi, Sanvicente ativo total e Artes (2006); Kaplan e Urwitz (1979) Alavancagem dtat Divida de curto e Kaplan e Urwitz longo prazo/ (1979).
Although, the DTAT could lead to information being secured from Switzerland in specific cases (in which individuals would have violated laws in India), but it cannot guarantee that such persons could also be prosecuted for that offence, they pointed out.
Since our arrival in Edmonton after the 1973 Pinochet coup dtat, we have made our own history.
Context:February 2018 Following a coup dtat in March 2013, the humanitarian situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) rapidly deteriorated.
Equatorial Guineas representative drew attention to the failed coup dtat in his country in December 2017, warning that situations of even greater gravity could arise, further destabilizing an already volatile region.
Meanwhile, the representative of Equatorial Guinea encouraged the new authorities to work in the context of Guinea?Bissaus democratic institutions, noting that he was considering a trip to that country in June for discussions on the sanctions imposed after the 2012 coup dtat.
The Chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assemblys human rights committee, Spanish parliamentarian Ignacio Sanchez Amor, today reiterated calls for clear, effective and transparent legal procedures in Turkey including for those dismissed or imprisoned following last years failed coup dtat. Today marks the last day on which people can appeal against their dismissal to a special government commission charged with their review.
These attempts notwithstanding, said Fisher, "There are no operational transportable, reconfigurable, deployable simulators in the inventory today." At one point, there were plans to award a production contract for the TSTARS system under a program called DTATS, for deployable tactical training system.