DTBHDog the Bounty Hunter (TV show)
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In order to obtain compatibilizer CI, PLA, and PE-g-MAH were mixed in an internal mixer Rheomix 6000 at 190 [degrees]C and 35 rpm; after 5 min, the DTBH peroxide was added and the blending process was maintained during 5 more minutes.
DTBH content (0.1 and 0.2 wt%) and type of rotor (banbury and roller).
CEA Grenoble / LITEN / DTBH studying methods of producing liquid or gaseous biofuels from biomass.
CEA Grenoble / LITEN / DTBH will buy a biomass gasifier flow resulted in the program GENEPI (Gasification Equipment for New Energy Platform dedicated to a form of innovation).