DTBPDi-Tert-Butyl Peroxide
DTBPDay Trading Buying Power (investing)
DTBPDifferential Terminal Bonus Policy (UK)
DTBPDrosophila TATA (Thymine Adenine Thymine Adenine) Binding Protein
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The free radical initiators DTBP, trade name Luperox[R] DI, and TBPA, trade name Luperox[R] 7M75, were supplied by Arkema.
Meanwhile, 100 g of styrene, 11.05 g of acrylic acid, and 8.45 g of DTBP (8 wt% based on styrene) were mixed together and placed in an addition funnel.
At this point, 0.8 g of DTBP was injected into the reactor via [CO.sub.2]-carrying gas in a higher pressure than the reactor pressure.
Samples HDDA concentration Peroxide type Peroxide concentration PPO -- -- -- PP1 -- BPO 1.2 PP2 120 DCP 1.2 PP3 120 BCHPC 1.2 PP4 120 CHP 1.2 PP5 120 DTBP 1.2 PP6 120 BPO 1.2 Characterization
The phenolic substituent of Irgafos 168, 2,4-di-t-butylphenol (DTBP), was obtained from BDH Chemicals.