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DTCDistributed Transaction Coordinator (Microsoft)
DTCDirect-To-Consumer (marketing)
DTCDiagnostic Trouble Codes (automotive on-board diagnostics)
DTCDynamic Traction Control (Bayerische Motoren Werke)
DTCDepository Trust Company
DTCDelhi Transport Corporation
DTCDirect Torque Control
DTCDomain Technologie Control (web hosting control panel)
DTCDenver Technological Center (Colorado)
DTCDans Ton Chat (French quote forum)
DTCDefense Trade Controls (US State Dept)
DTCDallas Theater Center (Texas)
DTCDiamond Trading Company
DTCData Transfer Controller
DTCDirect Taxes Code (India)
DTCDelhi Technological University (India)
DTCDog Training Club (various locations)
DTCDuluth Trading Company (workwear)
DTCDesktop Commands
DTCDynamic Tilt Compensation
DTCDonkervoort Touring Club
DTCDirectx Texture Compression
DTCDiagnostic Trouble Codes
DTCDesktop Conferencing
DTCData Transfer Charger
DTCDistributed Transaction Coordinator
DTCDiscrete Training Center
DTCDynamic Traction Control
DTCDesign Time Controls
DTCData Terminal Controller
DTCDown to Chat
DTCData Technology Corporation
DTCDucati Traction Control (motorcycle technology)
DTCDepartment of Telecommunications and Cable (Massachusetts)
DTCDirect to Card (printer)
DTCDans Ton Cul (gaming clan)
DTCDecline To Comment
DTCDrug Treatment Court
DTCDay Treatment Center (various locations)
DTCDigital Traffic Channel
DTCDesk Top Computer
DTCDigital Trunk Controller
DTCDeputy Town Clerk (various locations)
DTCDigital Tech Consulting (various locations)
DTCDrug and Therapeutics Committees
DTCDelivery Term Code
DTCDouble Thick Cover (paper)
DTCDesign Time Control (Microsoft)
DTCDistrict Testing Coordinator (various locations)
DTCDirect to Customer
DTCDecision Tree Consulting (various locations)
DTCDemonstration and Training Centre
DTCData Transfer Complete
DTCDesk Top Conference
DTCDiscipleship Training Center
DTCDefense Training Center (US Defense Logistics Agency)
DTCDeloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co., Ltd. (Japan)
DTCDigital Television Camera
DTCDistal Tip Cell
DTCDelaware Transit Corporation
DTCDossier to China (adoptions)
DTCDeKalb Technical College (Georgia)
DTCData Transmission Components
DTCDesert Test Center
DTCDirect Traffic Control
DTCDefence Teaming Centre (Australia)
DTCDansk Toksikologi Center (Denmark)
DTCDiphtérie, Tétanos, Coqueluche (French: diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough; vaccine)
DTCDepository Transfer Check
DTCDigital Television Controller
DTCDrug Test Consultant (Tarzana, CA)
DTCChief Dental Technician (Naval Rating)
DTCDiverse Technologies Corporation
DTCDynamic Training Centre (Canada)
DTCDino Tournament Championship (gaming)
DTCDomain Technology Committee
DTCDivision Traitement Conseil (French: Treatment Division Council; pest control)
DTCDub Traffik Control (DJ group)
DTCDéveloppement Territorial et Coopération (French: Territorial Development and Cooperation; Canada)
DTCDenver Transportation Club
DTCDirect Thermocouple Control
DTCDigital Technical Control (USMC vehicular communications shelter)
DTCDevelopmental Therapeutics Consortium (est. 2006)
DTCDiagnosis and Treatment Centre (UK)
DTCData Transfer Cartridge
DTCDanube Tourist Commission
DTCDigital Transmit Command
DTCData Communications and Terminal Controllers (HP)
DTCDevelopment Test Command (US Army Test and Evaluation Command)
DTCDead Time Correction
DTCDate to China
DTCDeterministic Transitive Closure
DTCDispositf a Tranfert de Charges (French: Device Charge Transfer)
DTCDicklit et T Claques (Frrench sex guide)
DTCDesktop Tactical Computer
DTCDistributed Turbo Coding
DTCData Transfer Coprocessor (microcontroller)
DTCDigital Type Company
DTCDutch Terror Corps (gaming clan)
DTCDouble Touch Cursor (button on refreshable Braille display)
DTCDeaf Teen Club (Michigan)
DTCDelta Technical Center (Delta, UT, USA)
DTCDefence Travel Card (Australia)
DTCDirect to Consignee (air freight industry)
DTCDepartment Technology Coordinator
DTCDisplay Telecommunications Corporation
DTCDeuce Trey Cartel
DTCDual Temperature Controller
DTCDistributed Traffic Control
DTCDestination Terminal Charge (freight)
DTCDesign Temperature Control
DTCDesignated/Division/Directorate Training Coordinator
DTCDomain Traffic Class
DTCDistributed Termination Condition
DTCDeKalb Teachers College (Dekalb, IL)
DTCDesign and Technology Computers
DTCDensity Time Curve
DTCDigital Transport Communications, Inc.
DTCDumb Terminal Connection
DTCDetector Test Console
DTCDigi-Tribe Communications
DTCDirect Telecommands
DTCDockyard Test Coordinator
DTCDPI/TCC Collocation & Consolidation (USAF)
DTCDepartmental Technical Coordinator (various schools)
DTCDown to Cuddle
DTCDoctored Titles Club (Land Rover club; UK)
DTCDestitute Training Centre
DTCData Tape Center
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DTC eligibility will provide Abattis with increased visibility and convenience for US investors.
The overall indicator of the DTC in 2015 refers to a 14 per cent growth in the number of trips and riders when compared with 2014.
DTC officials add that the police have also asked them for subsidised passes -- which would reduce the Rs 800 monthly pass on DTC passes to Rs 100 -- something which they say is impossible as the subsidised pass is only meant for students.
Table 1 shows chemical analyses of DTC samples obtain from 3 different factories, denoted as A, B and C.
They can also access the internet service on their own devices to review different advertisements published by the DTC and the RTA, and marketing & promotional offers made by various interested public and private institutions which buy or rent such advertising spaces in direct coordination with Techno Line Company.
The DTC, a subsidiary of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), manages the electronic clearing and settlement of publicly traded company stocks and other securities.
He was delighted with the results of DTC's operational indicators, which showed that the number of daily trips executed by DTC was at 225,500 trips per day in which about 451,000 persons were served every day.
To comply with the DTC's rules and avoid late payments to bondholders, the Government Finance Officers Association strongly recommends that paying agents provide funds and CUSIP details to the DTC no later than 1 p.
With 7,000 employees, DTC is one of the top 100 machinery builders in the country and a key equipment provider in Sichuan Province of China.
In this article, we report the results of a study conducted (1) to examine consumer attitudes toward two potential DTC advertising regulatory options--prior approval of DTC ads and a total ban on DTC drug advertising--and (2) to determine how those attitudes are influenced by perceived DTC ad effects and receiver-specific characteristics within the context of the third-person effect framework.
Based on the pooled analysis findings, a multicenter randomized clinical trial will begin this spring in Austria, Norway, and Germany in which DTC will be put to the test prospectively both for risk stratification and as an early surrogate for therapeutic efficacy.