DTCODigital Tachograph (trademark of Continental Automotive)
DTCODirect Coating, Inc. (stock symbol; San Bruno, CA)
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For both normolipidic and hyperlipidic diets, replacing the oil resulted in decrease in serum TAG by 11.3% and 48.1%, respectively, for DTCO and HDCO.
Alongside improved management of idle cash balances, this complete rollout has helped centralize payments at DTCOs. Out of 14000 bank accounts, about 13,717 have been closed through the TSA intervention which has saved around USD 2 million for the government.
As a result of using IBM's DTCO, a semiconductor modeling process will have a new class of design rules that are simpler and more prescriptive (what to do vs.
Furthermore, when we added DTCO to a conventional sulfenamide cure of NR, we observed little reversion and excellent dynamic properties with low heat build-up.
For workshops that want to test the satellite receiver (GNSS) integrated in the DTCO 4.0 in their own buildings, Continental recommends use of its GNSS Repeater which amplifies the signal.
The software for the forthcoming test and diagnostic technologies for the DTCO 4.0 will be available from the fall.
"The new simulation solution from Synopsys enables seamless links in the DTCO chain and helps speed up the down-selection of technology options," added Dr.
Tenders are invited for construction of new buildings for dm&ho, dmo, dtco & dlo offices over cold storage building at karimnagar in karimnagar district
With its DTCO Workshop Tablet, VDO is introducing an innovative, user-friendly solution that considerably simplifies the regular inspection of digital tachographs (DTCO) as required by law.
For this drivers need the digital tachograph DTCO 2.0 or above, an activated VDO Counter, which calculates driving times and idle times, and DTCO SmartLink.
For this purpose the vehicles only have to be equipped with a VDO Digital Tachograph of Release 1.3 or higher plus DTCO Smartlink.
VDO has begun to market DTCO SmartLink, a small connectivity module that is linked to the digital tachograph (DTCO) and transmits data to a mobile device via Bluetooth.