DTDRDigital Target Display Ring (dart boards)
DTDRDistributed Transmission, Directional Reception
DTDRDivision du Traitement des Déclarations des Renseignements (French: Division of Information Returns Processing; Canada)
DTDRDead Tree Digital Replacement Index (financial report)
DTDRDraft Training Device Requirement
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[ds.sup.2] = [B.sup.2] + [D.sup.2][r.sup.2]/[A.sub.2][B.sup.2] d[t.sup.2] - [2Dr/A[B.sup.2]] dtdr + 1/[B.sup.2] ([dr.sup.2] + [r.sup.2] d[[theta].sup.2] + [r.sup.2] [sin.sup.2] [theta] d[[phi].sup.2]) (79)
The density L of lagrangian in the action S = [Flourin] dtdr * L given by (51) gives the momentum [PI] = [delta]L/[delta]([delta][psi]/[delta]t) and the hamiltonian density [PI] [delta][psi]/[delta]t - L.
-[[partial].sup.2]X/[partial]t[partial][tau] (t, [tau], n) dtdr