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DTDSDisaster Tolerant Disk System
DTDSDigital Theatre Distribution System
DTDSDumber Than Dog Stuff (polite form)
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The TEI guidelines are designed to be open and customizable, and the semantics of the markup is determined by the Document Type Definition (DTD), the agreed upon set of element tags and corresponding attributes, of the particular encoding project ("A Gentle Introduction to XML"; Van den Branden, Terras and Vanhoutte).
La US-NLM, en colaboracion con la Universidad de Harvard, creo una definicion del tipo de documento (DTD por su sigla en ingles) para el archivo de las revistas y luego para el uso de editores y autores.
DTDS "Per Seat" Charter Services offer convenience and productivity to business travelers to Patna, Rourkela and Jamshedpur from anywhere in India or abroad.
"Extracting Object-Oriented Database Schemas from XML DTDs Using Inheritance," Proc.
The company offers products such as XML editorial tools, XML repositories, content management systems, and editorial and production systems as well as services such as workflow re-engineering; technology evaluation; DTD and Schema development; business, functional, and technical requirements development; and electronic product development strategy.
[[integral].sup.2[pi].sub.0] [[integral].sup.[pi]/2.sub.0] ([[integral].sup.[rho](s,t).sub.0] ([[rho].sup.2] sin t) d[rho]) dtds. (22)
DITA now delivers that capability without the long time and considerable expense of DTD and XSLT development.
MISMO specifies its structural standards in XML document-type definitions (DTDs) and schema.
The ZeeRex Web site contains a good introduction, XML DTDs and Schemas, examples, and commentary: http://explain.z3950.org.
After two initial chapters on XML basics, including XPath, XSL, DTDs, and XML Schema, the rest of the book focuses on using XML from Java applications.
As a newer standard, schemata support more data types than anterior DTDs' (Document Type Definitions) and are completely written in XML syntax.
Go, I replaced the CLP I used on the DTDs with MILITEC-1.