DTDTDanish Taekwondo Demonstration Team (Denmark)
DTDTDavid Taylor Dance Theatre (Littleton, CO)
DTDTDomicile to Duty Transportation
DTDTDelano Tiger Dance Team
DTDTDouble Talk Detection Threshold
DTDTDegraded Texture Discrimination Test (ophthalmology)
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From the table 9, it has been observed that DTDT research papers prefer most of the citations of 2001-2010 (50.75%), 2011-2015 (28.84%), and 1991-2000 (14.05%) time periods.
siRNA sequences designed against CYP19 gene Name Target sequence (5'-3') Sense strand siRNA 1 TAC AAC AAG ATG TAT GGA GAA (5 'CAA CAA GAU GUA UGG AGA A3') dTdT siRNA 2 TTG CGC TGT GGT GAT GAT GAA (5'GCG CUG UGG UGA UGA UGA A3') dTdT Name Anti-sense strand siRNA 1 (5'UUC UCC AUA CAU CUU GUU G3')dAdA siRNA 2 (5 'UUC AUC AUC ACC ACA GCG C3 ')dAdA Table 2.
The gene pair Dtdt (now Dt1dt1) in soybean was first reported by Woodworth (1933) based on [F.sub.2] segregation in a cross between the indeterminate cv.
The DTDT team were headed for La Bella Angele in Edinburgh when fire swept through the building complex and destroyed the Cowgate club.