DTECTDepartment of Technical and Economic Cooperation
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Solo drivers in America often use blow-up dolls to get away with using car-sharing fast lanes, but the dtect camera will foil such cheating.
DTect is a procedural-driven service created to analyze mountains of historical financial transactional data, such as sales, accounts payable, inventories and employee compensation.
DTect does not rely solely on traditional sampling techniques but enables comprehensive testing of multiple aspects of financial transactions, Deloitte says.
of Tower Footing resistance and impedance measurement instrument to dtect the helathiness of Transmission tower earthing system
Tenders are invited for Portable Multi-Gas Detector To Dtect Gases Like Flamable, Oxygen, Carbonmonoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphurdioxide, Chlorine, Nitrogendioxide, Ammonia, Carbondioxide Etc.