DTFCDickie Thon Fan Club
DTFCDirect Torque and Flux Control (physics)
DTFCDorzolamide/Timolol Fixed Combination (eye treatment)
DTFCDirection des Transports Ferroviaires et Collectifs (French: Branch Rail and Public Transport)
DTFCDorchester Town Football Club (Dorset, England, UK)
DTFCDaventry Town Football Club (UK)
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So it is obvious that DTFC indirectly acts as direct vector control which is simpler and more robust against the noise.
SIMULATION RESULTSSimulations are composed of two parts: First part includesthe simulation of dynamic response of vehicle in braking mode and slip variation based on and road situation; in second part, obtained values are compared with desiredvalues and speed reference and electrical torque values arecalculated and these values are applied to DTFC.
When load torque is applied, DTFC drive adopts to the new load after 0.
The simulation models of DTFC and DTC have been elaborated and considered.