DTFODenis Tallon Fibre Optique (French: Denis Tallon Optical Fiber)
DTFODeep Temporal Fixation Only
DTFODedicated Toll-Free Origination
DTFODistributed Time & Frequency Oscillator
DTFODBUF Transmit FIFO Overflow
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] (+)occurence=>fixed dtfo applieds to disappeared_temporary_failed_ outflow; (+)occurence=>fixed 1 applies to hw_permanent_failed_outflow; (+)occurence=>poisson r applies to reboot; (+)occurence=>fixed 1 applies to sw_permanent_failed_outflow; end for hardware.general;// error model implementation end After the module 1 fails, IMA will deal with it with the corresponding failure handling mechanism (such as failure detection and failure limit).
Award criteria : The most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated below : Lot 1 Extent and quality of the range, number of items in stock, and guaranteed response: 40% - Price lot1 given detailed estimate given in DTFO: 40% - Lot 1 Delivery and Response: 20% - Lot 2 Technical Value: 40% - Lot 2 Services offered: 30% - Lot 2 Price: 30% -
- technical merit given the technical brief and DTFO: 70%; - given the price DTFO: 30%.