DTFTDiscrete Time Fourier Transform
DTFTDropped Transonic Flight Test (spaceflight)
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where [X.sub.i] ([omega]) is the DTFT of [x.sub.i] (t), * is the conjugate operator, and [[PSI].sub.ij] ([omega]) is a suitable weighting function.
where S([omega]) and [E.sub.i]([omega]) are the DTFTs of s(t) and [[epsilon].sub.i](t), respectively, and [omega] [member of] R denotes normalized angular frequency.
Abbreviations NGS: Next-generation sequencing ChIP-seq: Chromatin immunoprecipitation-sequencing FDR: False discovery rate TF: Transcription factor DTFT: Discrete-time Fourier transform.
In this stage, the threshold voltage of the DTFT ([V.sub.TH]) is detected by the compensation operation.
Capacitor [C.sub.ST] maintains the gate voltage of DTFT ([V.sub.DATA] + [V.sub.TH]) until the reset stage of next operation cycle.
Following the retirement of St George Flight Training's owner, Captain Eric Reed, the operations of both businesses will merge in the coming weeks, with the Teesside operation merging with Durham Tees Flight Training and the Newcastle operation merging with Northumbria Flying School (also majority-owned by DTFT).
Following the acquisition, DTFT plans to commence a programme of aircraft improvement over the coming years, including improving the types and age of their current fleet and introducing additional facilities for students and PPL hirers.
where [G.sub.a] ([omega], n) is the DTFT of the time-domain CIR estimate [[??].sub.a] (m, n).
Assuming weak scattering conditions, Equation (11b) provides a linear model for the reflection coefficients as a function of the network's parameters in terms of a Z transform mapping (or the DTFT) of the interlaced perturbation series.
The 50:50 joint venture MetroHoldings Limited (MHL) plans to build metropolitan area telecommunications networks in the UK, starting with a fibre optic network in the City of London, and will provide its entire transmission capacity to Energis and DTFT for sale to end users.
where [absolute value of [H.sub.j[omega]](n)] is the magnitude of received signal Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT); N is the number of DTFT samples and n is the sample number.
In the conventional two-TFT pixel circuit for AMOLED, the various threshold voltages of driving TFT (DTFT) cause nonuniform gray-scale over the display area.