DTGMDynamic Trading Group Méditerranée (French: Dynamic Trading Group Mediterranean; Morocco)
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Quanto ao DTGM, valores menores do que 10% indicam maior estabilidade das taxas, com controle de possiveis flutuacoes estocasticas.
As a result of the action, which continued for a couple of hours, a large space was opened, according to the HE-rriyet report, adding that the whole process was observed by the general director of the DTGM, Mustafa Kurt, and his assistant.
Tenders are invited for Repair to cracks in dispersal, joint filling, , dtgm board, painting and certain misc works at af stn sulur
Tenders are invited for Painting to runway, taxi track, dispersal markings and repair/ replacement of stickers, old sign board, dtgm board at airfield at nas arakkonam
Tenders are invited for Repair/replacement to dtgm board and sga sand at af stn jaisalmer
Tenders are invited for Cleaning of wild vegitation from shoulders of runway upto peripheriy, drain, repairs to sinkers etc, and replacement of dtgm board at ins baaz under ge (i) campbellbay
Tenders are invited for Repair to certain miscellanies civil works, dtgm boards, singn board and painting to runway and ora and certain connected ways /paving at af station sulur
Tenders are invited for Repairs/Patch Work To Runway Blacktop Surface Incl Joint Filling Application Of Cold Emulsion, Repair To Dtgm Boards & Other Misc Works At 6 Wg, Af Station Under Ge (Af) Barrackpore
Tenders are invited for Repair/Renewal Of Dtgm, Taxi Sign Board Of Airfield And Repair And Cleaning Of Monsoon Drain In Airfield Of Runway At Af Stn Carnicobar