DTIBDigital Telephone Interface Board (Vodavi)
DTIBDefense Technology Industrial Base
DTIBDecision Table Information Bulletin
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We hope to crystallize all this into a top level European DTIB strategy for the defense ministers to consider this summer.
Ministers have recognised that individual member states can no longer sustain their separate DTIBs on a purely national basis, and that we need to specialise and become more dependent on each other at a European level," said Eero Lavonen, who chaired the meeting on behalf of Javier Solana, the head of the agency.
If Europe is to preserve a broadly based and globally competitive DTIB (which means competitive with the US, and, increasingly, producers in the Far East) it must take to heart the facts that the US is outspending Europe six to one in defence R&D; that it devotes some 35% of its defence expenditure to investment (from a budget more than twice as large as that of the Europeans combined), as against the European level of about 20%; and that it is increasingly dominant in global export markets.
Discussions on how to improve the DTIB will be ongoing but will cover 'force protection,' said an EDA source.