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DTIMEDouble Time
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Experimental results: difference between our method and the reference software JMVM Sequences DPSNR (dB) DBitrate (%) Dtime (%) AkkoKayo -0.03 -0.41 -26.06 Ballroom -0.03 -0.52 -21.38 Exit -0.02 -0.15 -25.78 Flamenco2 -0.04 -0.09 -25.32 Race1 -0.01 -0.18 -24.87 Rena -0.04 -0.36 -29.04 Average -0.03 -0.29 -25.41 Table 4.
Some might argue that several years labor market experience must be accumulated before the differences in education quality are reflected in wages, and so I have also conducted a limited analysis of the effects of curriculum and wage growth rates.(40) I regressed the change in the wage rate against the course variables, the time interval DTIME between wage observations (which is a proxy for the change in experience), the change in the square of experience, and interactions between DTIME and various sets of control variables, including YEAR-SACD, YEARSVOC, race, Hispanic background, and sex.
Underestimate of 100% or more occurred only 4.5% of the dtime. No relationship between accuracy of estimates and parental age, education, or number of children in the households.
2 dtime, kstep, kinc, jelem, params, ndload, jdltyp, adlmag,
DTime to switch offfrom the stresses and strains of top-flight football, take your mind off things and...
The Bjontegaard delta PSNR (BDPSNR) [19] represents the average rendered PSNR gain, bitrate (BDBR) represents the improvement of total bitrates for 3D video coding, and "Dtime (%)" represents the entire coding time change in percentage.