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DTKDeployment Tool Kit
DTKDiverse Tool Kit
DTKDans Ton Kulte (French festival)
DTKDying to Know
DTKDressed to Kill
DTKDown to Kiss
DTKDesired Track
DTKDeception Tool Kit
DTKDeveloper Transition Kit (Apple)
DTKDrak'Tharon Keep (World of Warcraft)
DTKDeveloper's Tool Kit
DTKDown to Kill
DTKDeath the Kid (Soul Eater comic series; Japan)
DTKDinas Tata Kota (Indonesian: City Administration Offices; Jakarta, Indonesia)
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Approaching the turn to final you'll get the alert, "NEXT DTK 257[degrees]" and then "TURN LEFT to 257[degrees]." Sometimes a controller will let you fly an unpublished arc if weather lies along the charted arc.
Present were chairs and co-chairs of HDP, HDK, People's Democratic Congress (DBP), the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), and DTK, whose party headquarters in Diyarbakir was raided by police hours after the event.
DTK said the Swift-Tab comes with two cameras (rear and front) and has 32GB
Tele Columbus and Deutsche Telekabel are being consulted by Rothschild and Goetzpartners, respectively, Reuters said.Country: GermanySector: Telecommunications, MediaTarget: DTK Deutsche Telekabel GmbH , Berlin business of Tele Columbus GmbHBuyer: ING Groep NV , Tennenbaum Capital Partners LLC , Alcentra Ltd, Avenue Capital Group, Primacom AG Vendor: York Capital Management, Other parties, GoldenTree Asset Management LP , Anchorage Capital Group LLCType: Corporate acquisition, LBOStatus: BiddingComment: Deutsche Telekabel's value speculated at USD206.6m
Ahmet Turk, DTK co-chair and Member of Parliament for Mardin, Turkey, delivered a speech during the opening ceremony, pointing out to the historical significance of the conference and emphasized that language, culture, and identity cannot be separated from each other.
The vague term "democratic autonomy" has so angered the Ankara government that prosecutors could impose criminal charges on DTK members.
DTK has announced the launch of its new Sandy Bridge-based notebook, the MiBook W60.
Diferansiye tiroid karsinomu (DTK) rekurrensi veya bolgesel metastazi siklikla servikal lenf nodlarina (LN) olmaktadir.
Promotion quickly followed and in 1985, then as sales director, he was part of a management buy-out which saw the creation of DTK Ltd.
Microsoft Gulf, Intel and DTK Computer have said their new low-cost Netbook, the DTK ebook i10, offers high performance affordable computing.
GibbsCAM, from Gibbs and Associates currently addresses complex 5-axis simultaneous machining through the ProAXYZ module, an application developed by Productec (Rossemaison, Switzerland -- www.productec.ch) using GibbsCAM's DTK API.